Klondike Solitaire winning strategy

The game Solitaire is also known as Klondike. The tips given here are for the Microsoft version of Klondike which has unlimited redeals with the cards being dealt one at a time. About 70% of Microsoft Klondike games are winnable. It should be noted that the traditional Klondike game does not allow any reveals. The key to winning Microsoft Klondike is uncovering the facedown cards. If the only card left that a face-up card can be built upon is a facedown card in the same column, the game might be lost. For example, the two red nines can only be built on the two black tens in the tableau. If one of the red nines is already built on a black ten and the other black ten is a facedown card under one of the nines, the game is lost unless one of the nines can be moved to a foundation.

• Do not build with cards from the hand or wastepile unless they are being used to uncover a facedown card. Otherwise, you might create a potential block to winning as described in the example above. Before doing any building you might want to go through the hand cards to see what cards you have that can be used to uncover facedown cards. This can be a tedious process requiring a good memory or the writing down of what cards are available. The version of Klondike called Klondike Garden in the Solitaire Games of Skill program makes the procedure painless by spreading out the hand cards so that the player can see all the hand cards at a glance. The hand cards are also sorted by rank and suit for the player's convenience. Also, every hand card is available at any time. This might seem to be relaxing the rules too much. But with an unlimited number of redeals, every card can be seen and accessed at any time anyway. Having all the hand cards visible, sorted, and accessible at the same time merely makes the card manipulation easier and reduces the demands on memory.

• Try to uncover facedown cards from the highest columns first since potential blocks in the layout which could cost you the game are most likely here.

• Do not build cards on foundations unless doing so helps to uncover a facedown card. Not building the cards on foundations allows other cards to be built upon them on the tableau.

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