Some other really fun brain games

If we forget people’s name, the name of places where we have been visited, and thing like keys, clothes personal documents etc. All these symptoms show that we have a weak memory problem. When we feel that our memory getting worse day by day, we should go for some mind teaser fun games. These game helps us to recollect lost data and upgrade our memory system. There are many fun brain games available on the internet. All games are not useful or boring, so we should select carefully. Here are some funny brain teasers games.

1: shopping list memory games:

This is very incredible game for those people who cannot go shopping without a list. We forget grocery, clothes, household items, so this way we can easily memories all essential things.

2: word search:

Words search is very easy and typical fun game for every age. In this game many sentences mix with each other so, we have to find those hidden words and write in other block or circle them. We can play it on a page or on the internet as well.

3: Cards games:

There are many cards games available on internet like solitaire, spider solitaire, Uno, monopoly etc. We can easily boost our minds and learn many tricks while playing these games.

4: Puzzle games:

Indeed, some puzzle games help to improve our vision, memory and listening sense. Many games like slide pattern and complete the pic, remember and match pictures, tic tac toe, read words and pronounce them correctly and many other fun games available on internet and mobiles app stores too.

5: Math game:

For those people who are weak in mathematics and can’t remember and calculate digits easily, math games are amazing. These are totally fun games for every age and group. We can learn digits convert into divided, multiply, subtracts, division, square root etc.

6: Pictoword or word guessing games:

This is super amazing and addictive game for kids and adults both. In this game, we will see 2 pictures and then we have to guess a complete word like a picture of the ear and other picture of a ring it would be converted into earing, ice+cube= icecube. This is really fun brain tester game.

7: Match the colors:

Another fun exciting and addictive fun brain games are colors memory games like candy crush, marble legend and shoot bubble etc. In this game, we will many different color blocks, diamonds, marbles, bubbles and candies that we have to match them. These brain games are very useful to remember to colors and combinations and suitable for every age.

8: Hidden object:

we have a countless collection of brain games on the internet so it’s very difficult to choose a good game to play for us. The hidden object is an amazing and useful time killing brain tester game. In this game we will see a dark or messy room’s picture, we have to clean the room and find the hidden objects or mention the objects which would be given in the list. These types of game are really helpful for those we lost or forget things at home or other places.

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