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Klondike Solitaire Rules

What is Klondike Solitaire:

Klondike Solitaire is one of the most popular Solitaire games. Some people even don’t know if it is Klondike as they call it simple Solitaire. Klondike Solitaire has been around for more than 200 years and it is said that the Napoleon Bonaparte had spent time playing this game when he was at St. Helena in 1816. However, the exact history of the game is still unknown.

How is famous Klondike Solitaire?

Klondike Solitaire got enormous fame in the 19th century and by the end of 20th century, its computerized versions were released that made it more popular. The first computerized version of Klondike Solitaire was developed by the Atari in 1981 which was one of the most famous games development company of 20th century. After that Macintosh adopted Klondike but major trend and popularity of Klondike Solitaire touched its peak when Microsoft introduced Klondike Solitaire as “Microsoft Solitaire” in its famous personal computer Operating System; the Windows. Microsoft Solitaire has been the integral part of the Windows from Windows 3.0(1990) until Windows7(2009). Microsoft still provides Klondike Solitaire as Microsoft Solitaire Collection Package in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

Rules of the Klondike Solitaire:

Basics of Gameplay:

  1. Klondike Solitaire is played with a deck of 52 standard playing cards that are properly shuffled.
  2. It is a one-player game as the only single player plays it.
  3. It is a patience game as it is played by a single player.
  4. The goal is to build 4 piles of all the suits from the Ace up to King.

Initial Game Setup:

Klondike Solitaire game setup is a table of columns and above this tableau, there are 4 empty slots to build piles of suits. To set up the game follow given steps:

  1. Deal out 28 cards to place in 7 columns.
  2. The columns are numbered from 1 to 7 from left to right.
  3. In the beginning of the game column number 1 has 1 card, column 2 has 2 cards, column 3 has 3 cards, column 4 has 4 and so on up to the column 7.
  4. Place all 28 cards (facing down) in the manner described in the previous step in order to form a tableau. The player must not see all of the cards in columns.
  5. Turn top card from each column of the tableau so that each top card from each pile faces up and becomes visible to the player.
  6. This makes the basic game tableau.
  7. Now put remaining 24 cards aside in order to make a draw pile.

Game Play Rules:

    The game starts and the player can move one card at a time to play in the tableau.

  1. To play in the tableau column, the player places the cards in descending order such that cards below the top card remain partially visible because it helps the player to know which card is in which column.
  2. The player can get cards from the draw deck when no more cards are available to make a move. Player gets one card from the deck at a time and sees if it can be used in the game. If the drawn card is not usable, the player can put it aside in the temporarily discarded deck. When all the cards from the draw deck get shifted to the discarded deck. The discarded deck becomes the draw deck. It keeps the game in a flow.
  3. A card can only be drawn out from the draw deck and player cannot insert any card from the tableau to back into the deck.
  4. Top(visible) cards can be moved from one column to another column in order to make a descending ordered queue.
  5. When top(visible) card or cards are moved from a column, the player can turn up (make visible/reveal) the topmost card from the cards that are facing down and use it in the gameplay.
  6. When a column in the tableau becomes empty, the game player can move a king card or a descending ordered queue of cards having a king card to that empty column.
  7. As the player gets/finds an Ace card, a foundation can be made in one of the empty slots above the tableau in order to make a pile of a particular suit.
  8. Player has to build piles of 4 suits to win the game. Each pile has a foundation card which is the Ace. A foundation is made by placing an Ace card above the tableau in an empty slot. As foundation card (Ace) is placed, the player can place other cards on it from 2 up to the King in order to complete the pile and win the game.
  9. No card is left in the tableau and Draw Deck as all 4 suits get completed.
  10. Scores of the game are assigned on the basis of time and each move. A person who completes all 4 suits faster scores more.

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