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Pyramid Solitaire Rules

Pyramid Solitaire is another type of Solitaire that is completely different from Klondike and Spider Solitaire. It is a pretty easy version of Solitaire and can be learned rapidly. Each hand of Pyramid Solitaire can be played in just a few minutes. So, whenever you have a couple of minutes to kill and you are feeling bored, Pyramid Solitaire can be your best companion. It is called Pyramid Solitaire because of the Pyramid shaped arrangement of cards. The computerized version of the Pyramid Solitaire is the part of Windows Solitaire Collection application which is available in Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

Game Rules and Setup:

Gameplay Setup:

Winning Condition or Goal:

Winning condition or goal of the game differs, some players play to remove the cards is pyramid only while some players work to remove all the cards from the game. All cards from the Pyramid and Stock must be moved to the foundation.

Game rules:

Pyramid Solitaire is played in two ways. One way is Classis Pyramid Solitaire and the second way is Modern Pyramid Solitaire.

Common Rules Between Classic and Modern Pyramid Solitaire:

  1. Each card has a value according to its number. Ace has value 1, Jack has 11, Queen has 12 and King has 13.
  2. The player cannot remove a card if it is overlapping and not fully exposed.
  3. Top pairs of the exposed cards can only be removed by the player if the total value of both cards becomes 13 and this is the reason that Pyramid Solitaire is known as Solitaire 13.
  4. A king can be removed on its own as its value is 13.
  5. Some cards combinations that can be discarded are:
    1. King – can be discarded as own
    2. Queen + Ace
    3. Jack + 2
    4. Card 10 + Card 3
    5. 9 + 4
    6. 8 + 5
    7. 7 + 6
  6. The player can deal 3 cards out from draw deck, under the pyramid of the cards each time he is stuck. The player can deal 3 more cards out and place these 3 cards on the 3 piles if later 3 cards did not assist. But the player should keep in mind that the order in which cards are placed on the pile must remain constant throughout the game.

The difference between Classic rules and Modern rules:

Difference between Classic and Modern Pyramid Solitaire can be simply described as that Classic Pyramid Solitaire is more dependent on the luck of the player while Modern Pyramid Solitaire needs logic and analytical skills of the player.

Modern Pyramid Game Solitaire Rules:

  1. You can only deal the cards out on the bottom of the pyramid only once in the gameplay.
  2. Modern Pyramid Solitaire has the concept of temporary card store which tests the logic of the player.
  3. Involving temporary card store helps the player to avoid the trap or getting stuck in the game.

Classic Pyramid Game Solitaire Rules:

  1. Once you deal out the remaining cards until they run out, they can be combined (without shuffling) 3 times and then dealt again. If you want to challenge yourself against a particularly difficult to complete version of this game, then you can see if you can win using only one deal.
  2. Classic Pyramid Solitaire can be played in two ways by either aiming to remove the cards in the pyramid on its own or trying to remove every single card in the available deck.

Winning Strategies:

Some winning tips while playing Pyramid Solitaire are described below:

  1. Try to get rid of Kings, because King cards have maximum value do not help in winning the game. Instead of some situations game becomes more difficult if a King card comes across.
  2. Play with logic as every move frees up a card below. Especially in Modern Pyramid Solitaire, logic is an essential part of the game.
  3. No need to waste time if you are badly stuck in the game. For example, in the classic version of the game; all 6s are on the top of the pyramid and all 7s are in the bottom, then you will never win the game.

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